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Fiscal Year Ending 2011

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Michaele Plotkin said...

I am an out of state member/owner and I would really like to see current board minutes with as much detail as possible. I believe if I look hard enough I may find the agendas on the website but am not sure of that. If this is a time issue (not having enough time to get the minutes typed up and posted to the website) I do understand but for those of us that want to keep track of what is going on administratively it causes us a problem. Anyway, let me know.

Michaele Plotkin said...

Hey thanks you guys for putting together all this information. I am hoping other interested Co-op owners are taking a look at all of this because it is a gold-mine of all sorts of specifics concerning what they own. It seems like it may have been a lot of work posting it so whomever was involved in doing so thanks to you. I have barely touched the surface and am looking forward to my second go-around. Thanks again!!!