Board of Directors

Voting for this year's Board Directors has ended.  
Please check back on April 1st for the public announcement of our election winners and your 2016/2017 new Directors!

The Isla Vista Food Co-op is currently run by a 5-seat Board of Directors elected by our owners (YOU!) annually in February.  Each Board Member is elected for a 2 year term, and there is currently no limit on how many terms a director can run for.

The primary responsibility of the Co-op's Board is to be legally accountable for the actions of the Isla Vista Food Co-op, to provide overall direction and ensure the long-term security and viability of the Co-op, and to make decisions in the best interests of the Co-op and it's entire membership.

The Board is responsible for developing policies necessary to carry out the duties of the Board and the functions of the Co-op.

Co-op Owners can choose to be involved in the governance of the Co-op in several ways. Aside from voting in our annual election, Co-op owners may also attend Board of Directors meetings, sit on Board committees or run for the Board!

 Any questions or communications can be sent directly to our board president Lisa at!

Meet Our Current Board!

   Lisa Oglesby, Board President 2014-2015
Hello, I am your current Board President and a co-op member since 1994. I joined the Board in 2003, during the volatile moths just after the fire and have helped our co-op grow through many phases. From the struggle to regain footing in the years after the fire, to the growth and refinement of the store and our membership in the last few years, the co-op Board helps to lead the co-op by defining the mission of the store through our membership. Moving forward, this co-op and its Board of Directors are tasked with defining where we are going, how we should proceed, and how we best bring the full community into the conversation. Just as the store has improved over the years, so should the Board, and I am interested in staying on for another term during this new phase of strengthening and positioning for the next great opportunity. In my time on the Board I have worked on refining Board policies and procedures, as well as supporting staff throughout. This year the Board will do a revision of the 5-year Strategic Plan for the co-op, which outlines the direction and vision the membership has for our co-operative. The IVFC is a great store that provides healthy food options for our community, supports the local economy, and stands as a strong example of an alternative business model. As members, we are able to define what kind of co-op we want. As a Director on the Board, I want to support the staff and do the work necessary to maintain and encourage a healthy co-operative for generations to come. Re-seated Board President for 2014-15!

 Emiko Corey, Board Secretary 2014-2015
My name is Emiko Corey, I grew up in Santa Barbara and I am a farmer. I am dedicated to food justice, sustainable agriculture and have experience and knowledge that I would like to bring to the Co-op Board (Marketing Manager at Fairview Gardens, Apprentice at Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, Farm Manager and Educator at Five Loaves Farm, and Director of Marketing and Sales at Fat Uncle Farms). I love our Co-op, not just as a farmer, but also as a community member. The cooperative values of social and economic justice, environmental responsibility, community education, and empowerment of individuals by intentional community involvement has created a landmark in Santa Barbara that chooses unity over entitlement. I am proud to be a member of THIS Co-op. As a Board Member, I would like to help guide our Co-op through its next phase of growth. We purchased our building (found fertile soil), established financial stability and staffing (planted non-GMO seeds), and now we prepare for long-term expansions and increased community involvement (growing plants and bringing in the harvest). I want to increase member diversity, ensure that our farmers and producers have a thriving outlet for their goods, and assist in making our Co-op a model of member-owned businesses that supports, builds, and creates community. Newly Seated Director 2014-15, appointed interim Board Secretary.

  Ann Wisehart, Board Tresurer 2015-2016
I have been a member of the Coop for 30 years… Yikes! I graduated from UCSB with an Engineering degree and worked as an Engineer for 20 years. I am married with a college age son (husband and son also co-op members!). I currently manage my family’s rental houses, work and volunteer as a storyteller, and volunteer as the bookkeeper and treasurer for my communities’ homeowners association and private water company. I have always been a food gardener and supporter of organic and local farms. I helped start the Community Supported Agriculture program at Fairview Gardens. With the 2013 purchase of our building, the co-op has entered a new phase with new opportunities and challenges. I feel that with my long history with the co-op, and my skills and experience, I can contribute to the success of this transition as a member of the board.

 Johnny Sacko, Board Director 2014-2015
I first visited the Isla Vista Food Co-op in 1984 , while visiting a friend. As a result I was inspired to join the Takoma Park / Silver Spring co-op in Metro Washington , DC , my hometown. Since moving to Santa Barbara in 2008, I have been a loyal customer and friend of the IV co-op. I am a national founder of the Slow Money movement , which seeks to pull money out of the “ casino capitalist “ system and invest in regional and local organic food systems. I am also the founder of the Santa Barbara Time Bank , part of the emerging Sacred Economics movement. I earned a Permaculture Design Certification from Quail Springs in 2010 , and am implementing as many principles as I can into my life. I have many connections to the Intentional Community world , at Twin Oaks in Virginia and the LA Ecovillage in LA. These folks have inspired me greatly … and are responsible for my network of friends and collaborators. I very much look forward to serving on the Board of the Isla Vista Food Co-op to learn about a very successful ongoing socially conscious enterprise , and to bring all of my experience to the operation.


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Michaele Plotkin said...

I am an out of state member/owner and I would really like to see current board minutes with as much detail as possible. I believe if I look hard enough I may find the agendas on the website but am not sure of that. If this is a time issue (not having enough time to get the minutes typed up and posted to the website) I do understand but for those of us that want to keep track of what is going on administratively it causes us a problem. Anyway, let me know.

Michaele Plotkin said...

Hey thanks you guys for putting together all this information. I am hoping other interested Co-op owners are taking a look at all of this because it is a gold-mine of all sorts of specifics concerning what they own. It seems like it may have been a lot of work posting it so whomever was involved in doing so thanks to you. I have barely touched the surface and am looking forward to my second go-around. Thanks again!!!