Community Donations Program

The Isla Vista Food Cooperative is pleased to be able to offer small financial and in-kind donations to a variety of local community groups through our Community Outreach and Donations Program. Most of our support is provided in the form of Co-op Gift Cards, generally in amounts not to exceed $25.00, which can be used to purchase goods from the Co-op, as door/raffle prizes, snacks for meetings, handouts for information tables, or fundraising auction items (etc). In order to receive a donation, we expect that the Co-op’s participation will be recognized in one way or another at your event.

Occasionally we are able to fill requests for donated products, usually in the form of cases of produce or other items.

Because our monthly donations budget is limited, we advise you to apply at least 3 weeks in advance of your event, whenever possible. Donations are fulfilled through our allocated monthly budget, and then are automatically denied until the next month’s budget is in place. We get A LOT of requests. Money goes FAST.

Priority is given to neighborhood organizations and schools, clubs and events involved in promoting holistic health, improving the environment, focusing on food and nutrition issues, and addressing social concerns. If you have questions about your donation, please contact Shayna, Education & Outreach Coordinator at


The Isla Vista Food Co-op Wholesale Donation Program was created as a resource for you to be able to offer participants of your larger-scale event high quality organic and natural food options at a significantly reduced price. This program is defined by the ordering of case and bulk-bag quantities, rather than off-the-shelf retail purchasing.

Please allocate more notice for these requests, as they require special ordering, preparation, and coordination. The Co-op is happy to work with you to help plan wholesale food donations for large-scale events, festivals, conferences, school/organization camping trips, etc, but you MUST schedule a planning meeting with our Marketing Manager no less than one month prior to your expected event date. You must have access to email and Microsoft Excel to be eligible for Wholesale Donations, as this program relies on these methods of organization.

To be considered for a donation, please download and complete our Donation Request Form and email to or drop a printed copy to a Co-op staff person.