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This is your store, and we are happy to be able to help with everything from questions to special orders.  The best way to ensure that you reach the best possible person to help you is to email that manager directly!

You can contact any of our Department Managers directly by clicking on the link next to their name.  If you don't know who to contact about your specific question, please email Melissa our General Manager.

Grocery/Bulk Manager Steve -

Beverage Buyer Andrew-

Volume Purchase Program Coordinator Charles -

Refrigerated/Frozen Manager Laura -

Produce Manager Rebekah -

Co-op Kitchen & Catering Manager Carolyn -

Homewares and Wellness Buyer Jimmy -

Front-End Manager Mo -

Financial Manager Pradip -

Spiral Volunteer Coordinator Lauren-

Outreach & Education Coordinator Ashley -

General Manager Melissa

Your Co-op Board of Directors is also available to answer questions!
Board President Lisa -

Co-op Phone (805) 968-1401
Co-op Fax (805) 968-0202