We are currently not hiring for any positions, but keep checking back!  We hire regularly :)

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For more information about what it's like to work at the Co-op, check this out:

Whether part-time or full-time, we love hiring people that are looking for something more than merely a place to work, because the Co-op is the sort of place to work that may get into your heart and keep you for a while.  Some of us have worked here for 4, 12, or 16 years and we're still really excited to be here!  It's not easy work, but it's rewarding and inspiring work, a real labor of love.

If you love service with a smile, have a "can-do" sort of attitude, know how to have fun while also working hard, and want to learn lots about natural foods and our local food community, you'll love working at the food co-op!

and I work there too!